Campaign Builder Step 2: Campaign Details

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Step 2: Campaign details of the Campaign Builder lets you configure various aspects of a campaign including its name, format, schedule, and budget. 

Campaign Name

The name that you want to use for the campaign. It is recommended that the name follows a naming convention inline with your long-term usage of Demandbase. Considerations include the purpose of the campaign, your business unit, product, flight dates, and geographic location. These are all important considerations, especially if your organization has multiple marketers using Demandbase.

Campaign Format

The advertising channel to be used for the campaign. The options available include display, native, web video, and connected TV video (CTV).


  • The CTV option is not available if you selected Clicks from the Also optimize for: drop-down list in Step 1 of the Campaign Builder.
  • The format you select determines that type of creative you can use and upload in Step 5 of the Campaign Builder.

Campaign Flight Dates

The start and end dates of the campaign. You can configure creatives to run anytime during the lifetime of the campaign.

Ad Plan (Previously Purchase Order or Order Number)

The ad plan to allocate spending from for the campaign. The entries available are based on the allotted ad spend amounts your company chose. For example, if your company divided your ad spend into three allotments, there would be three ad plans to associate with the campaign.  

By default, the Quote ID that corresponds with the order number on your Demandbase contracts is used as the ad plan name. If you want to use a different ad plan name, you can contact your Demandbase account team and specify your preferred format. The account team can update all new and previously created ad plans for you. 

To view more details about each ad plan, you can hover over the information (i) icon next to its entry in the drop-down list. The details that appear include the start date, Quote ID, and Purchase order ID if one was added.

Step 2 Ad Plan Hover.png

Important: After you publish a campaign, you can’t change the selected ad plan.


The dollar value for the campaign spend. The amount must be equal to or less than the unallocated amount shown for the selected PO or order number. 


The relevant stakeholders for the campaign. Watchers receive weekly Campaign Insights (emails) after the campaign launches. You can add and remove watchers at any time after you publish the campaign. For more information, see FAQs: Campaign Insights.


The new or existing campaign labels to apply to the campaign. Campaign labels allow you to associate metadata to campaigns so you can group them for performance reporting. For example, you can create labels for different business units, product lines, or quarters of the year. See Manage Campaign Labels.


You must have access to Demandbase Advertising.

Review Best Practices for Budgeting an Advertising Campaign.


  1. Create a new campaign or choose a campaign you want to edit. See Build an Advertising Campaign or Edit and Manage Campaigns.
  2. Go to Step 2: Campaign details of the Campaign Builder.
  3. In the Name your campaign field, enter a campaign name.
    Tip: To populate the field with a previously used campaign name, click the icon at the right of the field and select the name in the window that appears. This can save time if you’re setting up multiple campaigns with the same naming convention.
    Step 2 Campaign Name.png
  4. Under Choose a campaign format, select one of the available channels.
    Tip: If you selected Clicks from the Also optimize for: drop-down list in Step 1 of the Campaign Builder, CTV cannot be used as the campaign format.
  5. Under Select campaign fight dates, select the start and end dates for the campaign.
  6. From the Select an ad plan drop-down list, select an entry to allocate funding for the campaign.
  7. In the Enter your budget field, enter the dollar value for the campaign spend.
    Important: The amount must be equal to or less than the unallocated amount shown for the selected PO or order number.
  8. From the Ad watchers drop-down list, select the campaign stakeholders that should receive weekly Campaign Insights (emails).
    Tip: You can also enter the email address of the person you want to add as a watcher.
  9. From the Add labels drop-down list, select or create the campaign labels to apply.
  10. Click Continue to go to Step 3: Location of the Campaign Builder.

Important: You can’t change the selected ad plan after you publish a campaign. But you can come back to Step 2 to change the budget or flight dates for a published campaign. For more information, see Edit and Manage Campaigns.

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