Budget and Schedule an Advertising Campaign

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Step 2: Budget & Schedule of the Campaign Builder enables you to authorize funding to bid on placements of your ad impressions. When targeted accounts visit online content that accepts ads from the digital marketing platform, you're ready to bid automatically based on predetermined decisions.

Demandbase presents your company’s budgeting for ad campaigns based on how allotments were determined by decision makers of ad spend. For example, if your company decides that they want to divide ad spend into three different pools of funding, then you’ll choose one of three order numbers to associate with your campaign. 

The authorized spending amounts appear as separate entries in the Purchase Order/Order number drop-down list. An entry that begins with Order corresponds with an order number that appears prominently on one of your contracts with Demandbase. Entries that begin with PO provide your company’s unique purchase order (PO) number for billing purposes as well as the contract’s order number. If your company doesn’t require PO numbers for billing, you will only see your Demandbase order numbers. 

In addition to selecting the appropriate PO or order number, you also:

  • Select flight dates for your campaign
  • Specify total U.S. dollar amount that can be spent on the campaign

The Step 2: Budget & Schedule window ensures that you don’t overspend and helps minimize any amount of unspent ad budget at the end of the campaign.


Access to Demandbase Advertising, with the self-serve Campaign Builder enabled.

You've completed Step 1: Identify campaign of the Campaign Builder in Advertising.

Review Best Practices for Budgeting an Advertising Campaign.


  1. Select an entry in the Purchase order/Order number drop-down list to allocate funding to your ad campaign.
  2. Enter the dollar value for the campaign spend. The amount must be equal or less than the funding remaining in the PO or Order amount. Note that the PO or Order number entry shows you how much funding is left for that allocation.
  3. Enter the beginning and end of your campaign in the Select flight dates fields.
  4. Click Continue.
    Important: Remember as you work in the Campaign Builder that you can’t change the PO or order number after you publish a campaign. But you can come back to Step 2 to change the dollar amount or ad schedule for a published campaign.Step_2_Budget_and_Schedule.png

Next Steps

After you submit your ad budget and schedule by clicking Continue, the Campaign Builder wizard brings you to Step 3: Location. See Configure Campaign Geotargeting for help in setting up your targeted locations.

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