August 2021 Product Update

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Intent Transparency

You will now see the status of every intent keyword within your keyword sets. Although Demandbase has over 250,000 intent keywords in our database, you may add more. When doing so, have you ever wondered if the keyword or phrase has enough intent? Is it too broad or too specific? You’re now able to see if an intent keyword was validated or not. If it wasn’t validated, it will tell you the reason, allowing you to make iterations. This level of transparency enables improvements in your predictive model(s) and sales enablement.

Set Up Demandbase Intent: Create Keyword Sets (Scroll down to the table in the Outcome section)


Experience Priority

Demandbase Experience Priority is now available within Site-Customization, allowing customers to determine which experience to serve to their visitors. Content creators can assign a priority of High/Medium/Low to every experience during setup, and adjust any time, to tailor any specific experience to unique occasions (such as a company events).

Create a Customized Site Experience (Scroll down to step 5 and the Next Steps section)

Configure priority for an experience



Updates to Site Analytics

In an effort to improve product consistency and usability, we have made a change to the Site Analytics page to only show web page visits that have Engagement Minutes. This change was made effective on Thursday, 8/26/21.

This change is consistent with the behavior of the other Analytics pages that allow customers to exclude activities they don't want displayed in Analytics. If you would like to view all web page visits, including those that do not have Engagement Minutes assigned, you can do so by creating an Activity Filter in Database.

Manage Site Analytics






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