Configure Priority for an Experience

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Accounts may qualify for multiple experiences on a web page. To optimize the accounts for the best experience, you can assign a priority of High, Med, or Low to each experience. The experience with a higher priority is shown to the account visiting your web page.

Important: If an account qualifies for multiple experiences of equal priority, Demandbase shows the most recently activated experience.

The following is an example of an experience priority: 

Priority Experience Accounts Targeted
Low  Generic homepage for large group of industries Accounts in large group of industries
Med Special homepage for HR industry Accounts in large group of industries and HR industry
High Special webinar link for top 10 accounts Accounts in large group of industries, HR industry, and top 10 account list



You’ve created a Site Customization Experience.


You may already have assigned a priority during the Review and activate step when you created or edited an experience. The following is an alternate method you can use on the Site Customization main page. 

  1. Go to Personalization_N.png Personalization > Site Customization.
  2. Find the experience you want to adjust the priority for.
    Important: Unless you configured a different priority when you created or modified an experience, Demandbase sets the default priority to Med.
  3. In the Priority column, select High, Med, or Low from the drop-down list.


It takes about 24 hours to process a priority change.

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