Add Choices to Automation Actions

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Adding choices to Automation actions is a great way to take different actions on subsets of the accounts or people that meet your Selector criteria. For example, you may want to add people from accounts that have reached the MQA stage to different Outreach Sequences based on their roles. Using choices in Automations, you can add Directors and Managers to an executive sequence and CXOs to a different sequence.

Choice Order

When you add multiple choices to an action, each account or person can qualify for only one of the choices. If an account or person meets the criteria defined for more than one choice, Demandbase takes the action in the first choice listed.


Default Choice Action

When you add choices to an action, Demandbase adds a Default choice with a Do Nothing action for accounts and people that don’t meet the other criteria defined. You can leave the Default choice or change it so that Demandbase takes a different action for these accounts and people. In the example shown above, people that are not in a CXO, Director, or Manager role would qualify for the Default choice with the Do Nothing action.


You must have Admin privileges or be assigned to a permission set with the required access to use Orchestration.

You have the Demandbase Orchestration solution.

You have created an Automation.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Orchestration_N.png Orchestration > Automations.
  2. Click the name of an Automation and click the Actions tab.
  3. Add an Automation action. See Automation Actions.
  4. Add choices to the action.
    Hover over the action and click the Add Choice icon.
    b. In the expanded action card, click Define Criteria.
    In the Define Criteria window, use Selectors to define the subset of accounts or people for the choice and click Save. See Working with Selectors.
    d. (Optional) In the expanded action card, click Add Choice and repeat the process to add more choices.
  5. (Optional) Change the Default choice action.
    a. In the expanded action card, hover over the Default choice with the Do Nothing action and click the Edit Action icon.
    b. In the window that opens, enter the details to define the action and click Save. The details you can define depend on the original action selected. For example, if you selected the Add to Outreach Sequence action, you can select an Assignee and Sequence for the Default choice.


When the Automation runs, Demandbase identifies accounts or people that meet the Selector criteria and takes action based on the choices you added. For any accounts or people that don’t meet the criteria defined for the choices, Demandbase uses the Default choice action.

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