Personalized Ad Creatives

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Getting the message right is just as important as reaching the right audience in the right places. Personalized ads command more attention and drive more qualified traffic. In fact, our analysis across hundreds of Demandbase campaigns reveals that personalized ads garner significantly better engagement and conversion rates compared to non-personalized ads.

The Demandbase Advertising Cloud uses patented Web technology to target ads to ABM-qualified people and accounts. As part of our Advertising solution, we can also serve dynamically personalized ad creative to each company where your ad impressions are served.

Recommended Approach

Use the Demandbase Advertising Cloud to efficiently deliver personalized ads for each of your account-based advertising campaigns. Our technology serves dynamically personalized ad creative to the buying committee within each account list that you specify.

The following diagram shows how a personalized ad campaign message can progress through the ABM Journey.


Top of
Journey Funnel
Middle of
Journey Funnel
Bottom of
Journey Funnel
Example_1.png Example_2.png Example_3.png

You don't need to produce multiple ad creatives for each advertising message. Once you define an account list for advertising, choose the type of personalization that works best for your use case. Demandbase lets you personalize the text, background image, and call to action (CTA).

Tip: See Advertising Showcase for ad display examples of how to personalize creatives for your targeted account lists.

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