Create and Save Filters in Analytics

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You can filter many pages in Demandbase Analytics using the filter workspace available at the top of each page. In the filter workspace, you can use Selectors to create, edit, and view filters to apply to accounts, people, opportunities, or activities. After you create filters, you can save and reuse them throughout Demandbase.

You can also create filters from Database.png Database > Account Filter, People Filter, Opportunity Filter, and Activity Filter. See Create and Save Filters


Read Working with Selectors and Operators in Selectors.

Decide on the criteria you want to use to filter your accounts, people, opportunities, or activities.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Analytics.png Analytics and select the page with the accounts, people, opportunities, or activities to filter.
  2. Click the filter icon Filter.png in the top right corner. The filter workspace opens.
  3. Clear any pre-existing filters by clicking Clear All.
  4. Click the plus icon.Add_Criteria.png
  5. Add your filter criteria. For example, add criteria to filter for accounts in the computer software industry.
    Tip: To add another set of filter criteria, click the Add icon Add_Filter.png. To remove a set of filter criteria, hover over it and click the Delete icon Delete_Filter.png.
  6. Click Save Filters.
  7. In the Save Filter Set As… window, enter a name and click Save & Apply.


Search for and use the filter in any of the Analytics pages with the filter workspace available.


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