Use the Out-of-the-Box Sales and Marketing Engagement Segment

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The ABX Platform provides a Sales Engagement vs. Marketing Engagement segment for you to use out of the box. After you set up Engagement Minutes, you can use the segment to view sales and marketing engagement. Sales (outbound) engagement can include Salesforce activities and marketing (inbound) engagement can include general activities or campaigns.


Set up Engagement Minutes.

Read Understanding Segments.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Analytics2.png  Analytics > Engagement and select an account list.
  2. At the top right click More Filters.
  3. In the More Filters window, select the Advanced tab and click the plus icon.Add_Criteria_N.png
  4. Add the following criteria:
    • In the Select field box, select Activities > Sales Engagement vs. Marketing Engagement.
    • In the Value box, select Sales Engagement or Marketing Engagement.
    • (Optional) Change the Activity Date time period.Sales_Marketing_Segment_N.png
  5. Click Apply Filter to update the data shown on the page.

Next Steps

On the Engagement page, scroll down to the table, and click Activities to see sales or marketing engagement for the selected account list.

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