July 2021 Product Update

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Salesforce oAuth Lite Integration

(for Accounts, Opportunities, People, Activities) 

Demandbase now offers a Salesforce Lite solution which provides the ability to connect to a Salesforce instance to import all the same key data elements as the Salesforce fully integrated version, including Account, Opportunity, People, and Activity data. This lightweight, read-only integration does not require Salesforce Admin permissions and does not write back to Salesforce. This enables customers who have strict read-only policies with their Salesforce instance to leverage Salesforce data in Demandbase One. This Salesforce Lite solution has many of the same great features offered by the Salesforce integration including the ability to:

  • Create Account, Opportunity, and People lists from a Salesforce report url or Salesforce view
  • View, analyze, and action on the integrated data set
  • Set a data sync frequency for incremental updates from Salesforce to Demandbase.

See Integrate Salesforce Lite in Demandbase One with Optional Pardot Integration.


Physical location geography of Engagement Activities 

Demandbase website engagement data is now available and organized geographically, giving Demandbase customers a better understanding of which regional offices of multinational companies are engaging with their website. Geolocation data is now appended to each web page view activity record and can now be leveraged for website personalization.

Geographic reporting and filtering capabilities have also been added to reports and filters in Demandbase One. Users can easily understand the geographic breakdown of web traffic from a given account or list of accounts. Similarly, it’s easy to focus on a particular geographic area, and report on activity from within that geographic area (including engagement sourced from CRM and marketing automation in addition to anonymous web visit data).




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