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Use Trending Onsite Engagement to filter an account list for accounts with a recent increase in visits to your website. When you toggle on this filter on the Site Analytics page, Demandbase shows the accounts that have more website visits in the past week than in the two months leading up to that week. 

The 7-day and 2-month time frames that Demandbase uses to find accounts with a surge in website activity is based on the end date that you select. For example, if you select September 30, 2021 as the end date, Demandbase compares website activity for the seven days ending on September 30th to the two months ending on September 24th.

For increased interest in a keyword or keyword set, see Trending Intent at Reference: Three Demandbase Out-of-the-Box Intent Filters.


You’ll need account lists to filter. See:


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Analytics.png Analytics > Site Analytics.
  2. Select the account list to filter.
  3. Select an End Date.
  4. Toggle on Only Show Trending Onsite Engagement.


The Site Analytics page updates its Quick Cards and tables to show the website traffic based on the end date you chose. The Website Visits chart shows the last seven days of activity compared to the previous two months. Adjust the time period option above the chart to get a better view of the data.


Below the chart is an Accounts table, in descending order by Page Views.


Click the Pages tab to see which pages were visited most.


Next Steps

Take action for the account(s) showing trending engagement. For example, create a new account list for sales to reach out to.

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