Understanding Journey History Rebuild

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After you make significant changes to your Journey Stage definitions, a journey history rebuild can be used to update the Journey Stage data for your accounts retroactively. The rebuild process deletes the existing data and provides you with updated data based on the reconfigured Journey Stage definitions. This lets you more accurately see the progression of your accounts through your updated Journey Stages.

Since rebuilding Journey history is an irreversible and data-intensive process, you must contact Demandbase Support to perform the process for you.

Important: Before contacting Demandbase Support about a journey history rebuild, be aware of the following:

  • Journey history rebuild should only be considered after you’ve done a complete funnel overhaul or made significant changes to your stage definitions.
  • The rebuild process permanently deletes the historical Journey Stage data for your accounts. The process cannot be undone.
  • The rebuild process provides more accurate data for fields with historical data. For example, fields for activities that have specific dates.
  • The rebuild process cannot provide historical data for fields without dates. These include Salesforce fields and Pipeline Predict Scores. If a Journey Stage definition includes these types of fields, any historical data for accounts in the stage will no longer be accurate after the rebuild process. For example, if a Journey Stage uses the Is Customer Salesforce field, any historical data showing when an account became a customer will no longer be available after the rebuild.

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