Identify Accounts, People, Opportunities, and Activities Using Basic Selectors

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Basic Selectors make it easy to define the accounts, people, opportunities, and activities that you want to focus on in Demandbase. For example, you can create Lists, Filters, and Reports, or customize your Account Journey Stages.

For more advanced users, we have an Advanced Selectors interface that allows you to accomplish a variety of tasks across the product. See Working with Selectors.


Basic Selectors are available for these product areas:

  • Account Lists
  • Account Filters
  • Account Reports
  • Account Journeys
  • Activity Filters
  • Activity Reports
  • Person Lists
  • Person Filters
  • Person Reports
  • Opportunity Lists
  • Opportunity Filters
  • Opportunity Reports
  • Site Customization Experiences


Here's an example of how to create an Account List using Basic Selectors.

  1. From the left navigator bar, go to Database_N.png Database > Account Lists > Create New.
  2. Choose the Name and Visibility (Private or Public) for your list. For List Type, select Dynamic List.
  3. From the Basic sub-tab, use Basic Selectors to define the accounts you want to focus on.
    For example, if you want to see
    MQAs with No Sales Touches, under Journey Stages select Equals and MQA from the drop-down menus.
    Under Sales Touches, select the No Sales Touches checkbox and select Last 14 Days.
  4. Click Save.
    Tip: Click the refresh icon Refresh_List.png to see the number of accounts that meet the Selector criteria.


Select the List tab to see accounts that are in the MQA stage, but don’t have any sales touches in the last 14 days.

To view your account list Selector criteria, select the Selector tab and Basic sub-tab to see a Summary.

To edit a selector, click its name to show the criteria. To remove the selector, hover over its name and click Clear.


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