Set Up Multiple Qualification Scores

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Multiple Qualification Scores allow you to score your accounts according to their fit and interest in your different product offerings. For example, your company may offer more than one product, each with their own go-to-market strategy. You can create more than one Qualification Score to qualify your top-of-funnel accounts, or identify new accounts, for each of your products.

You can train each new Qualification Score from your past pipeline and customer accounts, in addition to other possibilities: Looking to move from mid-market to enterprise accounts, or trying to sell into new industries? Create a Qualification Score that learns your ideal customer profile (ICP) from a list of aspirational accounts that represent the new market segment you’re targeting.

See also Set Up Multiple Pipeline Predict Scores.


  • Familiarize yourself with the following concepts:
  • Identify the product(s) for which you want to build your next Qualification Score.
  • Identify a set of accounts to train the new Qualification Score. This score evaluates other accounts based on how similar they are to the examples you provide. These could be:
      • accounts that have become pipeline or customers of a particular product, or
      • aspirational customers that represent a new market that you want to pursue


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to SettingsCropped.png Settings > Demandbase-Wide Settings > Predictive Score Setup and click Create new predictive score.
  2. Choose an appropriate name for your score (for example, the name of the product that the score is for), and select Qualification Score.
  3. Enter the selector criteria that specifies your example accounts.
  4. (Optional) Select the set of keyword sets relevant to your score. By default, Demandbase uses intent from all of your keyword sets as inputs into your score.
  5. Click Save and train model on the top right of the screen. 


Your score is visible throughout the platform within 24 hours, including in the Analytics > Account Lists and Accounts Dashboards, and in all account selector screens. You can see the top scoring accounts and the products they qualify for.

Here's a Quick Card example, of an account that is highly qualified for our Personalization and Orchestration segment groups.


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