Demandbase Pre-Built Account Lists

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Below are the pre-defined account lists that Demandbase provides out-of-the-box. You can delete these lists if you don't find them useful. Note that it's not possible to modify them. If you wish to create a modified version of one of a pre-defined account list, define an appropriate Salesforce Report and create an account list linked to that report.

All Accounts

Every account we've synced from your CRM.

Accounts with Open Opportunities

Every account that has an open opportunity.

Highly Engaged Accounts with No Open Opportunity

The top 10% of accounts, ranked by last 3 months engagement, that have no open opportunity and at least 1 minute of engagement in the last 3 months.

Customer Accounts

Every account that either:

  • Has a Closed/Won opportunity; or,
  • Has a Type that contains the word Customer, Partner, or Client, but does not contain Former or start with Ex-.

MQAs with No Follow Up

Every account that is in the MQA status but has 0 sales touches in the last 14 days. “Sales touches” are defined as Task, Event, Inbound Email, and Meeting Attendance (plus Sales Email related events from Marketo, if applicable). An account can belong to one list or many lists. 

To build you own account lists, see Create and Access Account Lists.

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