April 2021 Product Update

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Role-based Dashboards

To improve overall usability and insights for customers, Demandbase introduces Role-based Dashboards for the Account dashboard. Role-Based Dashboards provide role-specific information on the Account dashboards for Salespeople and Marketers. Admins can create custom dashboards from scratch, and assign one or more users to those dashboards. That way, users will be able to quickly find what they are looking for, and take the appropriate action. We also provide a Sales Dashboard and a Marketing Dashboard out of the box, which admins can then customize as needed.  

Sales Insight Dashboard and Reports in Salesforce Lightning

A brand new “out-of-the-box” Salesforce Dashboard (lightning) and supporting reports are now part of the Demandbase ABM Salesforce package! The “Sales Insights” dashboard visualizes a number of insights, including; accounts by journey stage, hot accounts, re-engaged accounts, high-intent accounts, hot contacts this month, and top accounts. This dashboard can be used by sales leaders to uncover the current health of any given market or territory. It should be used as a starting point to create more specific dashboards relevant to your business.

Self-Serve Enhancements

Enhancements to self-serve advertising are now live. We now offer a final confirmation step with campaign summary information right before the campaign is published and also send an email confirmation with details of the campaign summary for easy sharing with other stakeholders and for future reference. We also allow draft campaigns to be set up even if all details such as purchase order(s) are not available. And we have included for an email to be sent as soon as the campaign is launched and starts showing initial results.

Field Management: Source Icons, Tooltips, and Priorities

Currently, Demandbase One takes multiple sources of data for various fields and merges the data into one field, prioritizing certain data sources. With this release, we are adding more context, tooltips and source icons to help customers identify what data sources are being represented for certain fields. This includes fields in Selectors, Tables, and Auto-Complete of appropriate data by source. 

Fields with multiple sources will also be available as merged fields with the prioritization of Salesforce, CSV, and Demandbase data. It will be represented with a merged icon in the platform.

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