Set Up Demandbase Intent: Import Intent Activities

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You can import intent activities related to your accounts. You must import files in CSV format with the exact column names and cell formats. 

Uploading intent works for any third party intent, as long as the CSV has all the required fields. 


Create a CSV file in the supported format.

Tip: Download the Import Intent Activities File Formats.xlsx file at the end of this article to see how to set up the column names and cell formats for the file. Click the tabs in the spreadsheet to view the supported layouts required for G2, TechTarget, and other Generic vendors.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to SettingsCropped.png Settings > Analytics > Intent Data > Import Intent Activities tab.

  2. Drag or select a file from your computer to get started.
  3. Click Import.


Demandbase does a quick validation to ensure the file is in the correct format. If the file is invalid, you must correct the errors before importing. If the file is valid, the import process starts.

During the import, you can navigate away from this tab. When the file import is complete, Demandbase sends an email to the file uploader's email address.

Each row in the uploaded spreadsheet creates an Intent Surge activity, which is visible at Analytics.png Analytics > Engagement > Activities in the Type column. You can distinguish these from Demandbase Intent, which has the activity Type of Demandbase Keyword Intent or Trending Intent.


Next Steps

After you receive the email confirming a successful import, view the Import Log to quickly check the history of all intent data imports.



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