Understanding Event Tracking in Google Analytics for Site Customization and Best Practices

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Event Tracking is available for Demandbase Site Customization, part of Demandbase Personalization. It helps you track the personalization of your Site Customizations.

Use Event Tracking to capture data about your visitors' interactions with your web pages. Event Tracking enables you to gain insights and take action with your Site Customizations. Send events from Site Customization into your Google Analytics (GA) reporting suite, enabling you to pivot on additional dimensions within GA for the experiences presented to your site visitors.

Important: Google replaced Universal Analytics with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in July 2023. For information about events in GA4, see the Google Analytics documentation.

Event Tracking with GA enables you to:

  • Record actions that occur within a web page.
  • Identify visitor behavior and engagement that are not available with built-in metrics, such as page views.

Event Tracking with Site Customization supports:

  • Quality Assurance to confirm that the personalized experience is being displayed to the intended audience.
  • Identification of Interactions with personalized CTAs or messaging.
  • Comparison of personalized vs non-personalized interactions.

Best Practices

  • Build an event tracking plan.
  • Identify actions that impact marketing objectives.
  • Don't track on-page actions that don't result in real value. Events that track when a page fully loads or excessive scrolling may be interesting but can cloud reporting.
  • Set event tracking for all personalized experiences.
  • Use the following event hierarchy for all messaging with personalization:
    1. Event Name: For example, [Experience Name]
    2. Event Type: For example, Click
    3. Parameter: For example, page_location (page URL)
    4. Parameter Value: For example, Click CTA Button

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