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How do I confirm that a hidden form field is populating?

Check if specific form field is populating as you expect.

  1. Open the Forms Enrichment page in Google Chrome from a company IP address.
  2. Open Chrome Web Tools (View > Developer > Developer Tools).
  3. Access the Elements tab.
  4. Search for the name of the form field that you expect to be populating with Demandbase data. In this example the field we're checking is named "NumberOfEmployees"
  5. Check whether a value is assigned to the field. In this case, we can see that the field has populated with an integer value of 33500. 

If the value is blank, confirm that the field is mapped correctly in your forms fieldMap in the Demandbase scripts file. 

  1. Open Chrome Web Tools and go to Console. 
  2. Type Demandbase.Config.forms.fieldMap and hit Enter/Return.
  3. Click the small gray triangle to expand the JavaScript object containing the field map.
  4. Confirm that your form is using the form field names listed here

Here is a list of all the attributes available via the Demandbase API.

If you want to add additional attributes to your field map, from the left navigation bar, go to Personalization_N.png Personalization > Forms Enrichment and click into the enrichment to modify it. Then submit a ticket to Demandbase support.

Why are some fields blank on a form submission?

Certain attributes are only returned by the Demandbase IP-API as they relate only to an IP, not to a company specifically. If a visitor to your form selects a company from the Demandbase Autocomplete drop-down list or is identified by their email address (domain) the following IP-specific information may not be applicable:

  • audience
  • audience_segment
  • ip
  • isp
  • registry_attributes

The autocomplete list of companies on my form are center aligned. I want everything left-aligned, what do I do?

This is a conflict caused by the existing CSS on a page. Add below CSS rule at the end of the cascade to left-align the entries in the company autocomplete menu. 

#demandbase-autocomplete .ui-menu .ui-menu-item a {
text-align: left;

What happens when "international" characters are typed in the Company Autocomplete Widget?

The Company Autocomplete Widget does alphabetical matching of company names based on Roman characters only. If a form visitor types non-Roman characters into the company field, the autocomplete list will still populate with suggested companies based on the IP address and user-provided email address.


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