February 2021 Product Update

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Data Stream

Data Stream is now available with Demandbase One! All customers on Demandbase One or customers migrated from our Demandbase classic platform may now access a daily delivery of data to your preferred data warehouse, data lake, or cloud storage provider. You may also connect data directly to your favorite BI tool such as Tableau, Domo, PowerBI, or Google Data Studio. For the companies who are already building dashboards, combining ABM data with your own data will enable you to get much more actionable insights to improve marketing and sales operations. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss if you have access to this feature.

Data Stream

Trending Onsite Engagement

A brand-new filter is now available within Site Analytics! Accounts that have more webpage visits in the past 7 days compared to the last 2 months are worthy of extra attention. This surge of website traffic are important signals to listen for and to act on. You may now better understand when an account is ready to be contacted.

Filter by Trending Onsite Engagement

Technographics in Predictive Models

Last month, we released a new data set within the platform called Technographics. For certain customers, whether or not an account is using certain technologies is crucial to understanding if the account is a good fit or likely to become an opportunity soon. For all the reasons why Technographics are valuable in identifying the right accounts for our customers, so too are they a valuable input into both Pipeline Predict and Qualification Score. All Demandbase One customers may now select up to 200 technologies for use in our predictive models! You may now more accurately assess how accounts fit the ICP and how likely accounts are to become new opportunities.

Technographic Data

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