Schedule and Activate Audiences

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After you set up your Selector criteria and Destinations, you must activate your Audience. This is an important step. The Audience will not start syncing until it is activated.

Tip: If you need to update your Selector criteria or Destinations for an Audience, you must first Deactivate it from the Scheduler tab. Be sure to Activate the Audience after saving your changes to resume syncing.

You have four options:

  • Activate immediately
  • Schedule a Start Date
  • Schedule an End Date
  • Schedule a Start Date and End Date

If you do not set an End Date, Demandbase continuously syncs people or accounts from the Audience to your Destination.


You must have Administrative privileges or be assigned to a permission set with the required access to use Orchestration.

You must have the Demandbase Orchestration or Advertising Cloud solution to create more than three Audiences.

You have created an Audience with Selector criteria and a Destination.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Orchestration_N.png Orchestration > Audiences.
  2. Click the name of an Audience and click the Scheduler tab.
  3. Choose an option to activate the Audience.
    • To start syncing immediately, without a specified end date, click Activate without checking Start Date or End Date
    • To schedule an Audience to start syncing in the future, check Start Date, set a date and time, and click Activate. This allows you to specify a date and time for the Audience to start syncing.
    • To schedule an Audience to become inactive and no longer sync at a specific date and time, check End Date, set a date and time, and click Activate. This allows you to specify a date and time for the Audience to stop syncing and become inactive.
    • To schedule an Audience to sync during a specific time period, set both the Start Date and End Date and click Activate. This allows you to specify a date and time for the Audience to start and stop syncing. The Audience becomes inactive after the end date you set. 


After you click Activate, Demandbase starts syncing immediately or at the scheduled date and time.

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