Delete an Audience

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With Demandbase’s Audience Management, marketers can sync Demandbase Audiences to third-party platforms. If you no longer need an Audience or it has become outdated, you can delete it.


You must have Administrative privileges or be assigned to a permission set with the required access to use Orchestration. 

You must have the Demandbase Orchestration or Advertising Cloud solution to create more than three Audiences.

You have created an Audience.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Orchestration_N.png Orchestration > Audiences.
  2. Select the Audience to delete.
  3. Click the drop down arrow next to Create New and select Delete.
  4. Check Delete audience, specify the number of audiences to delete, and click Delete.


Demandbase deletes the selected Audiences and removes them from the Audience table.

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