Understanding Forms Visitor Identification

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Identification Methods

We use these Demandbase APIs to identify a visitor to a Demandbase-enabled form.:

  • IP Address API
  • Domain API

Each of the APIs uses a different approach to identify the visitor, but each returns a company profile associated with the visitor's supplied information.

Identification Process

IP Address API

When a visitor first views the Demandbase-enabled form, the Form Connector sends off an API call to the Demandbase IP address API. The response, if the IP address resolves to a company, is stored in the JavaScript variable:


Demandbase uses both IP address and user cookie information to best identify the visitor.

Email Domain API

If a visitor enters a company-identifiable email address domain, the Form Connector, by default, replaces the CompanyProfile value with the new response. You can modify the API priority within your forms enrichment setup.

If no identification is made on the email address domain (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, etc. domain) then the IP address-identified company will remain as the CompanyProfile value.

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