Understanding the Audiences Overview Table

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The Audiences table is where all Audiences are displayed. To access this table, from the left navigation bar, go to Orchestration_N.png Orchestration > Audiences. You can also go to Favorites to see your favorited Audiences or My Audiences to see Audiences you created.

The table provides the following information:

  • Label: Name of the Audience you created or edited from the Details tab.
  • Member Type: Account or Person, Account indicates the Audience syncs accounts and Person indicates it syncs people to the third-party platform.
  • Destination: The third-party platform the Audience syncs to. 
  • Created By: Audience owner who created the Audience
  • Schedule: The schedule currently set for the Audience. Options include Start, End, Start/End, or Ongoing.
  • State: Active or Inactive, Active means the Audience is syncing to the selected Destinations. Inactive means that the Audience has either never synced or has been deactivated. 
  • Status: Job status of the most recent sync: 
    • Failed: All people or accounts that qualified were unsuccessful for all destinations
    • Partial Failed: Some people or accounts who qualified were unsuccessful for all destinations, or some destinations were unsuccessful for some people or accounts.
    • Success: The Audience has synced and all qualified accounts or people have succeeded for all destinations.
    • Not Yet Synced: The Audience has not yet synced.
    • In Progress: The Audience is currently syncing. 
  • Favorite: Favorite an audience
  • Created On: Date the audience was created
  • Last Updated: Date the audience was modified 
  • Last Synced: Date of last sync

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