March 2021 Product Update

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Personalization Product Updates

Demandbase Personalization increases your conversion rate by providing the unique and personalized website experiences needed to target the right accounts. This update introduces  enhancements to Site Customization, like a cleaner UI, dynamic segmentation, and a shareable preview link that lets customers easily change, share, and measure website experiences. The Forms Enrichment feature allows customers to create a custom web form for their website with a minimal amount of fields, while still capturing additional detailed information about the user. With Demandbase Personalization, customers can identify in-market accounts, segment account lists, and create personalized website experiences in which to target them. Make sure you are logged in to see the latest product updates.

Engagement Minute Enhancements

Engagement Minutes in Data Stream

For customers subscribed to Data Stream, Engagement Minutes are now available in data delivered by Data Stream. Customers can leverage Engagement Minute data to further enhance their dashboards to determine which accounts are the most engaged.

Assign Engagement Minutes to Keyword Sets

Customers can now define Engagement Minutes for Demandbase Keyword Intent based on specific keyword sets. Currently, Engagement Minutes can only be assigned to specific keywords, not keyword sets. This enhancement makes it easier for customers to assign Engagement Minutes for intent overall. 

Assign engagement minutes to Trending Intent

Customers can now assign Engagement Minutes to the Trending Intent engagement activity. This includes creating assignment rules (like all Trending Intent activities receive a certain number of Engagement Minutes), or creating assignment rules based on specific keywords or keyword sets.

Predictive Analytics Improvements

Pipeline Predict Model Enhancements

The current Pipeline Predict model requires 50 opportunities to learn effectively and train the algorithm to identify all of the engagement patterns that are leading indicators of future opportunities. This improvement allows for less than 50 opportunities to train the model while still providing a predictive score that’s actionable.

Predictive Score Setup Usability Improvement

The current instructions for setting up the Pipeline Predict score and how opportunities are used are not clear, causing confusion with customers on what types of opportunities to use to set up the Pipeline Predict score. This release improves the description of how the training opportunities will be used and reports on how many opportunities are currently returned by Selectors. We’ve also added visual cues that indicate when the customer should actually make changes based on the opportunities selected. This should improve a customer’s understanding of how to choose the right opportunities to train the predictive model.

Usability Improvements

User Management API

This feature provides APIs to our customers that enables them to easily create, delete, and change the name of a Demandbase user. This solves the problem of managing users in Demandbase when individuals change their roles or responsibilities within an organization, allowing the customer to easily change who gets access to the Demandbase platform. 

Demandbase Generated Fields Sync 

Currently, fields that Demandbase generates are synced to Salesforce. When Salesforce is then synced back to Demandbase, those same fields are showing up in Demandbase as Salesforce fields. This is creating a lot of confusion with customers. This release addresses that sync such that Demandbase fields that are synced to Salesforce, do not show up again in Demandbase as Salesforce fields.

Data Import Usability Improvements

One of the current requirements when importing data into the platform through Data Import is including the Account Owner email address. This requirement was made to help drive subscription type features in the platform (like subscribing to a weekly snapshot email.) However, some customers are not able to provide an email address for an Account Owner. This feature release adds flexibility to that requirement to accept Account Owner name or email address. 

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