Set Up Qualification and Pipeline Predict Scores

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Predictive Score Setup enables you to change settings that affect the outcome Qualification Scores and Pipeline Predict Scores.

Important: Changes to the model can have major implications platform-wide. The model takes up to 24 hours to update. Any changes are reflected after the model has been re-trained and each account score is updated. You cannot make any additional changes until the update process is complete.

Qualification Score

The Qualification Score uses machine learning to quantify what truly defines an ideal customer, beyond basic firmographics, and then scores every account in your CRM along with the 20 million accounts in the Demandbase company database. The Qualification Score looks far into the future and scores each account on the likelihood that it would ever become a customer, regardless of where it is in the buyer journey.

Qualification Score takes the following into consideration:

  • Past Opportunities
  • Firmographics
    • Country
    • Industry
    • Revenue Range
    • Employees
    • Product Categories
    • Technographics
  • Historical Intent

Pipeline Predict Score

Pipeline Predict is a machine learning model that looks at past opportunities from your CRM, learns account properties and activity patterns that are leading indicators of new CRM opportunities being created at accounts, and then it identifies those leading indicators in other accounts. The score indicates how likely it is that a new CRM opportunity will be created at the account.

Pipeline Predict takes the following into consideration:

  • Past opportunities from CRM
  • All available data within CDP
    • Email Activity from MAS including opens/clicks/etc.
    • All activity logged in CRM for each person in the account
    • Sales Inbox Activity
  • Firmographics
  • Intent Data, Historical and Trending
  • Website Visits
  • Advertising Activity


At the very least, a Qualification Score requires a .csv upload of customer accounts. Ideally, both an Account/Opportunity upload or our standard Salesforce integration. Otherwise, it will not be used. 

Pipeline Predict scores require either a CRM integration or an upload of open opportunities via a .csv file.

To upload to open opportunities, both predictive scores leverage the Create Data and (<13mo) and Actual Website fields. The Owner field is useful for filtering opportunities.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings.png Settings > Demandbase-Wide Settings > Predictive Score Setup and click Create new predictive score.
  2. In the Create new predictive score window, enter a Predictive score name, select Qualification Score or Pipeline Predict, and click Next.
  3. Configure the predictive score you selected.
    • Qualification Score: Use Selectors to identify the key accounts and select the Keyword Sets to use for training the model.
    • Pipeline Predict: Use Selectors to identify the past pipeline opportunities and engagement activities to use for training the model.
  4. Click Save and train model.


The model takes up to 24 hours to update.

Next Steps

Access the Pipeline Predict or Qualification Score results and take action on the recommended accounts.

For both Pipeline Predict and Qualification Score, a score above 75% is a good indicator this account is a qualified account. If the score is 90% or above, the Sales team should take immediate action to engage with the account.

To access the score results, from the left navigation bar, go to Analytics.png Analytics > Dashboard and select an account list from the drop-down list. Scroll down to the Accounts section and click the Pipeline Predict or Qualification Score tab.


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