Create an Account List Based on an Intent Keyword Set

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Demandbase Selectors allow you to narrow down the exact data you want to access, such as lists (Account, Person, Opportunity), reports, stages in a customer’s journey, and more. Selectors can get complicated, depending on how many criteria you want to set up to narrow down your data. The following is intended as an introductory example. We'll use one of three Demandbase out-of-the-box activity filters to keep it simple.


Create a keyword set and give it two or three hours to populate.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to DatabaseIcon.png Database > Account Lists > Create New
  2. Enter the information for a dynamic list (a list that will continually update according to changes Demandbase discovers on the websites that your prospects visit). You might want to make it Private, if you’re just practicing, but you can make it Public if you’re ready to share it with your team. Enter:
    Name: New intent account list
    List type: Dynamic List (the list automatically updates regularly)
    Visibility: Private 
  3. Click Create List.
  4. Select the Advanced tab.
  5. The Selector workspace opens. Enter Demandbase Keyword Intent into the Search field and drag it over to the + Selector workspace.
    You’ll see the following options:
  6. To use Intent Keyword Set, select and delete Intent Keyword. Then select Intent Keyword Set and type in the name of your keyword set.
  7. Click Intent Strength and select High.
  8. You can leave the default Activity Date, as In the Past 3 Months, because your set is within that time frame.
  9. Click Apply.


You’ll see all accounts that have Intent according to this keyword set at DatabaseIcon.png Database > Accounts > Accounts Lists.

Next Steps

Demandbase Keyword Intent is one of three out-of-the-box filters that Demandbase provides. To learn more about filters and the other out-of-the-box filters that Demandbase provides, see:

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