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Demandbase allows you to create reports and send them to teams in your organization on a regular basis. For your sales team, creating pipeline and closing deals are two important areas of focus. To help drive their success, consider using the following reports with the recommended Selector criteria and report layout we've provided. See Recommended Reports for Your Sales Teams to find additional reports. 

Tip: Adjust the reports as necessary to incorporate any additional custom fields. 

Highly Engaged Executives

Non-Opp Accounts that have CXOs, VPs, and Directors with marketing engagement yesterday but no sales touches this week. 

Member Type



  1. Look for higher level people (CXO, VP, Director). The Role field is available out-of-the-box with Demandbase and is a great way of filtering out Leads/Contacts that either don’t have a job title, or have a title that isn’t helpful to sell to. 
  2. Find Executives with activity in the past day. Select Relationship to find People with Activities and specifically look for only Marketing Engagements in the past day.
  3. Next, filter out any people that have had any sort of Sales Engagement in the past 7 days so you don’t see those that sales has already followed up with.
  4. Finally, filter out Open Opportunities by using a Relationship. Use People with No Opportunity Contact Roles with Opportunity and the opportunity status Is Closed and set to False.
  5. Save your changes.




The Report Layout displays the Executive’s account Name, Full Name, Title, and (person’s) Engagement Minutes (7 Days and 3 months). Sort by descending order based on the person’s Engagement Minutes (3 months). In other words, show the person with the most engagement first, the second most engaged person second, and so on. The system defaults the Max Rows at 10, but you have the option to increase as needed if you get feedback that your sales team would like to see more people directly in the email. Remember that the Max Rows only limit how many records show inline within the email itself, and by clicking on the see full report... link at the bottom of the email, displays all the people that qualify.


Closed Lost Opportunity Engagement

Accounts with a Closed Lost Opportunities more than 3 months ago with recent engagement but no sales touches. 

Member Type



  1. Choose Accounts that have some Engagement in the past 7 days.  
  2. Make sure to only surface the accounts that sales hasn’t followed up with recently.
  3. Add a Relationship to find the Accounts with Closed Lost Opps.
    Note: Type = New Business is specific to Demandbase’s sales process, and your filters to find Closed Lost opps may differ.
  4. Finally, make sure to exclude any accounts that have an Open Opportunity, so this list can focus on creating a pipeline.
  5. Save your changes.



The Report Layout displays the Account Name, Owner Name, Engagement Minutes (7 days), and Qualification Score. Sort by the qualification score in descending order to see which accounts meet your business criteria. 


Cold Opportunity Report

Open Opportunities with Marketing Engagement Yesterday but No Sales Touches in the last two weeks. 

Member Type



  1. Is Closed? = false is a great way to find Open Opportunities. 
  2. Look for recently engaged opportunities by using the Marketing Engagement filter in the past day.
  3. Lastly, surface opportunities that had no Sales Engagement in the past 14 days and start contacting those accounts. 
  4. Save your changes.



The Report Layout displays the Name, Owner Name, Opportunity Name, Stage, Created Date, Close Date, Sales Touches (14 Days), and Web Page Visits (30 days). Sort the Opportunities with the most Engagement Minutes (7 Days) by descending order to see which accounts are the most engaged. 


Warm Opp Report

Marketing activity yesterday from people with open opportunities with close dates in the next 90 days.

Member Type



  1. Only look for Marketing engagement that took place in the past day.
  2. The activities came from accounts that have Open opportunities and a Close Date in the next 3 months. These accounts are engaged and progressing through the customer journey. 
  3. Save your changes.



The Reports Layout displays the account Name, person’s Full Name, Title, and Engagement Minutes (7 Days and 3 months) for each activity record. Since the same person might have performed multiple activities in a day, first sort by Full Name Ascending (so the same person’s activity is all grouped together.) Then sort by Engagement Minutes Descending so that for each person, the record with the most engagement minute value will show first.



Set up Personalized Subscriptions to send to your sales team. It's a good idea to send yourself a quick sample in order to double-check that everything looks correct before saving the Subscription. Click Send Now, and select one of the Account Owner Lists.

After sending yourself a One-Time Report to check for errors, you are now ready to create the Personalized Subscription for this Report. As a reminder, this creates a subscription for each Owner in Demandbase, and automatically applies their account list as a filter so they only see the records that are relevant to them.


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