Reset Demandbase One Password

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Signing in with a password is one of four ways to sign into Demandbase One. See Log in to Demandbase One for further detail.

Administrators, please advise your colleagues:

  • To make sure they are logging in to the new Demandbase One link:
  • To respond to the activation email for their password within three days of receiving it.


Make sure you have created users for all colleagues. If a colleague is unable to sign with their password, the correct web site, user creation, and response to activation email are the first things to check.


  1. Click the Settings cog wheel on the Demandbase One sidebar.
  2. In the User Management section, click the Users link.
  3. Search for the user's name, ID, or email address and click it.
  4. Select Reset password from the drop-down.


The user receives an email with a unique link to reset their password, which users must respond to within three days. If the user does not receive the reset password email, ask them to check their Spam and Junk folders, as they are sometimes sent directly to one of these folders.

Password requirements: A password must be at least 8 characters long and must contain at least one upper and one lower case letter and a number. It can contain symbols, but cannot include any part of the user's name. It cannot be any of the user's last 20 passwords and at least 2 days must have elapsed since their password was last changed.

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