Manage Reports

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You can take actions to manage custom reports or Demandbase out-of-the-box reports.


  1. From the left navigation bar, go to Analytics2.png Analytics > Reports
  2. (Optional) Use the following filters to find reports:
    • Member Type: Select Account, Person, Activity, or Opportunity to find a specific member type.
    • Report Owner: Enter the name of the person that created the report.
      Tip: Enter System to find the Demandbase out-of-the-box reports.
    • Visibility: Select Public or Private. Public reports are visible and editable by anyone in your organization. Private reports are visible and editable by the user that created them and Admins.
  3. In the Reports table, select the checkbox for a report.
  4. Click Take Action and select an available action.
    • Make Favorite: Select to add the report as a favorite.
    • Unfavorite: Select to remove the report as a favorite.
    • Make Public: Select to make the report public. Demandbase requires you to confirm before making the report public.
      Important: After you make a report public, you cannot make it private again. 
    • Delete: Select to delete the report. Demandbase requires you to confirm before deleting the report.
      Important: If the report is public, the action deletes the report for all users.
    • Create Subscription: Select to set up the recipients, frequency, and duration for report subscriptions. See Create and Manage Snapshot, Slack Alert, and Report Subscriptions for the steps.
      Tip: The Create Subscription action is only available if you have a single report selected. 

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