Taking Action with Accounts and People

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When you find accounts or people you want to follow up with, you can quickly take action from Demandbase or from the Scout Chrome Extension window.


  • You must set up an integration before you can use partner or CRM actions.
  • CRM Actions are only available for Salesforce.
  • For SalesLoft, each Demandbase user must also set up a user-level integration to use the SalesLoft actions. See Integrate SalesLoft with Demandbase.

Where You Can Take Action

Account and Person Tables

From any account or person table in Demandbase, you can select one or more entries and click Take Action. In the right Take Action section, the Demandbase, Partner, or CRM tabs show the available actions.

Tip: Actions may be unavailable if the integration is not set up or the action is limited to a specific member type (Account or Person). See Automation Actions.


Account and Person Overview Page

When you're on an account or person overview page in Analytics, you can click Take Action to access the available actions.


Scout Chrome Extension

After you install and activate the Scout Chrome Extension, you can click Take Action to access the available actions. See Understanding the Scout Chrome Extension.

What Actions Can You Take

Demandbase Actions

  • Add to New Static List -  Create a new static list and add the selected accounts to the list.
  • Add to Existing Static List - Add selected accounts to a static list.
  • Remove from Static List - Remove selected accounts from a static list.

Partner Actions

  • Add to SalesLoft Cadence - Add up to 100 people to a SalesLoft Cadence.
  • Remove from SalesLoft Cadence - Remove up to 100 people from a SalesLoft Cadence.
  • Add to Outreach Sequence - Add up to 100 people to an Outreach Sequence.
  • Remove from Outreach Sequence - Remove up to 100 people from an Outreach Sequence.
  • Add to Marketo Campaign - Add people to a Marketo Campaign.
  • Enroll to HubSpot Workflow - Enroll up to 100 people in a HubSpot Workflow.
  • Un-enroll from HubSpot Workflow - Unenroll up to 100 people from a HubSpot Workflow.

CRM (Salesforce) Actions

  • Change Account Data - Update an account field for the selected accounts in Salesforce.
  • Change Person Data - Update a contact or lead field for the selected people in Salesforce.
  • Create Salesforce Task - Create a task to follow-up on an account or record an action for up to 100 people or accounts.
  • Convert Lead to Contact - Convert up to 100 matched Leads to Contacts in Salesforce.
  • Add to Salesforce Campaign - Add up to 100 leads and contacts to a Salesforce Campaign.
  • Change Status in Salesforce Campaign - Change the campaign status for up to 100 leads and contacts in a Salesforce Campaign.
  • Remove from Salesforce Campaign - Remove up to 100 leads and contacts from a Salesforce Campaign,

Managing Action Permissions

Admins can configure the actions available to users and if they are limited to users with Admin permissions assigned. See Manage Action Visibility and Access (Action Configurations).

Important: Users must be assigned to a permission set with Take Action access to use the available actions. For permission sets with Limited Access selected for the Analytics, Database, or Scout sections, the Take Action option must be selected to make the actions available. See Understanding Permission Sets.

Reviewing Action History

After users take action, Demandbase starts a Job to complete the actions selected. Admins can view the status of Jobs and Actions from the Action History page in Settings.

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