Qualification Score/Pipeline Predict Score FAQs

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If my company integrates with CRM but wants to add a new list of accounts via a .csv file, will they get a consistent score across both the CRM- and CSV-generated accounts?

All accounts are scored by the same way, regardless of where they came from.

If my company is uploading a CSV with opportunity data, what is the minimum level of detail required to get a good model in place? 

The model only needs Account Website/Domain, and Created Date. There are additional required fields for Data Import, but those fields are used by other features in the platform.

Does the Pipeline Predict Score only look at engagement from the Marketing Automation System (MAS)?...

...What about other engagement types that the MAS is able to capture? I recognize that some MAS are more robust than others. So perhaps email activity represents the lowest common denominator. But for those that have richer engagement details available (e.g. Marketo), does Demandbase use those signals as well?

Anything that is an activity that you can assign Engagement Minutes in the platform are used by the Pipeline Predict Score.

Can you revert to an earlier model that was run for the Pipeline Predict and Qualification Scores?

No, you need to be sure before retraining the model as there's no mechanism for reverting to an earlier version.

What’s the difference between High, Medium, Low Intent?

Intent Strength (High/Medium/Low) is calculated by comparing the number of people within an account that has intent on a specific keyword to the number of people within an equally sized account on the same keyword.

  • The High/Medium/Low labels represent how many people at the account are researching the keyword each week
  • We adjust the labels based on the size of the account

The table below provides more information on how High/Medium/Low Intent is calculated.


How do I see what factors influence the Pipeline Predict score for a specific account?

On the Pipeline Predict tab, click the account you want to view. In the Pipeline Predict Score card on the Dashboard tab, hover over the labels (e.g. All, Advertising) and a window displays with the top factors determining the score for this account.


Do the scores work out-of-the-box? 

Yes, the scores are calculated 24 hours after your CRM and Marketing Automation System (MAS) integrations are enabled and the user clicks the Save and train model button on the Predictive Score Setup page. At least one Keyword Set needs to be created.

To access this page, from the left navigation bar, go to Settings.png Settings > Demandbase Wide-Settings > Predictive Score Setup

How long does it take the model to run? 

24 hours

What is a good score? 

75+ is worthy of specific attention and 90+ requires immediate attention. 

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