People Management in the Scout Chrome Extension

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You access People Management capabilities by clicking the Analytics icon in the left panel and then selecting People


What People Are on This List?

  • Contacts at the account
  • Leads matched to the account through Demandbase Lead to Account Matching
  • Leads can come from Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, etc.

Getting Details about People

Select a person to view the details:


After selecting a person, you can view their specific details:


Updating Salesforce Values

When looking at an individual person, select Edit Information


Click a field value to change it in Salesforce.

  • Some fields cannot be updated such as multi-select fields, Salesforce system fields, and any  that have validation, or other rules.
  • The Salesforce user syncing Demandbase and Salesforce together may not have permission to write to, or edit specific fields in Salesforce.


Changing Highlighted Fields

Click a highlighted field to change it and click Save to save your changes. 


Person Details

Click the Settings gear icon in the field that shows Person Details. 

Customize which details to display in the person’s profile using this option: Edit Person Details Fields to Display.


Adding New People

You must populate all details to add someone.

People are added as Leads with the Company field set to be the account name.


Grouping People

Click the Group icon to group users into specific groups such as by Role or Department.


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