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With the ABX Cloud Salesforce Application, Sales teams can see robust insights directly from the Account view in Salesforce. The ABX Cloud Salesforce application offers visibility into intent, both anonymous and known web engagement, account highlights, email history and many other insights. This provides a deep level of visibility into meaningful account activities/insights so that sales professionals can take the next best action on an account. 


To access the different chart insights, navigate to the Accounts view in Salesforce and click the name of the account you want to view insights for. 

Important: In order to see the chart insights in Salesforce, your administrator needs create a Demandbase login for you and install the latest AppExchange Package. For more information, see Install Native Demandbase Charts in Salesforce

Click the links below to learn more about each type of chart view available: 

Timeline View

  • The Timeline View shows you engagement for the account in 3 different views: Deal Story, Engagement, and Group.
  • The Deal Story view highlights key activities for the account, and lets you view Marketing Engagement activities, Sales Engagement activities, or both.
  • You can also see the progression of the account through the Journey Stages with the bar chart below.
  • The Engagement and Group views show you Engagement for the account.


Intent View

  • The Intent View shows you Top Intent Keywords.
  • You can see the keywords being researched by users at this account, sorted by intent strength.
  • You can also see if the keywords are trending.
  • The sparkline shows you how many times a user at a specific account searched for that keyword in the time period defined in the top right-hand corner.
  • Demandbase ranks a keyword by the number of people researching it. See Understanding Intent


Highlights View

  • The Highlights View shows you the most engaged people for this account.
  • We have a fairly complex algorithm which tries to find key people and moments for you based on a wide variety of factors such as their title (CXO, VP), the number of campaigns and forms they've successfully completed, and more.


Activities View

  • The Activities View shows you the most engaged people for this account list, and the activities they completed with the highest number of engagement minutes. 
  • You can refine the list by selecting a filter or search the list by using the Search tool.


Heatmap View

  • The Heatmap View displays Engagement Minutes based on the fields selected in the Columns and Rows drop-down. The values within the Columns and Rows drop-down are the fields from your integrated database(s). 
  • The Heatmap view is very flexible. Try views using different Columns and Rows like Account Name, Owner Name, etc. by choosing the Custom option.


Communication History View

  • Communication History shows you all email communication and meetings between your company and the account you are currently viewing.
  • It works by accessing your actual email account and identifying the correspondences with the target account.


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