Understanding the Demandbase Chrome Extension

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With the Demandbase Chrome Extension, you can create and measure engagement at high-value accounts. It also provides visibility and intelligence between teams. You can access the Chrome Extension wherever you are on the web.

The Chrome Extension:

  • Allows you to search for a lead or account and displays the corresponding Marketing Automation, CRM, and Demandbase data that’s tracked
  • Auto-detects the lead or account while you are on LinkedIn, Salesforce, or Gmail
  • Updates fields in your CRM in real-time 
  • Adds new people who email your sales team directly to your CRM
  • Sees all communication history between an account and your company
  • Orchestrates ABM plays without leaving the page you're on

For information about the Demandbase Sales Intelligence Browser Extension, see Installing and Using the Sales Intelligence Browser Extension.

Account Dashboard

  • Details around account engagement, people engaged, and open opportunities
  • Quickly see a list of most important CRM fields (configurable)

Communication History

  • See all past emails and meetings with an account
  • Click into the email body for context or lock specific threads
  • Security configurations to meet your specific needs

See Understanding Communication History in the Demandbase Chrome Extension.

People Management

  • See who is most engaged at an account
  • View and Edit Person Details (updates in your CRM)

See Understanding People Management in the Demandbase Chrome Extension

Overview of Features Within LinkedIn

  • Add new leads to Salesforce with a few short steps
  • Get account insights without leaving the page

Overview of Features Within Gmail

  • Insert saved text snippets into your email body
  • Get account insights without leaving the page

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