Create Custom Fields in Salesforce

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By default, Demandbase rolls up data in 3-month and 7-day timeframes, but this doesn't suit the need of some organizations. To set up custom data roll-ups of Demandbase data, create custom fields in Salesforce and map them to Demandbase calculated fields. 

Tip: You can also customize Salesforce Page Layouts using custom fields from the Demandbase ABM Package. See Add Demandbase Fields to Salesforce.


  1. As a Salesforce admin in Salesforce Classic, go to Setup > Customize > Accounts, Contacts, or Leads and select Fields.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select Number or Date as the Data Type.
  4. Enter a Field Label and other details.
  5. Select Visible for the profiles that can view the field.
  6. Select the Page Layouts to display the new field and Save.


Salesforce adds the new custom field to the Account Custom Fields & Relationships table.


Next Steps

Map the custom field to a calculated field created in Demandbase. See Create Demandbase Calculated Fields for Connected Mode.

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