Demandbase ABX Platform and Add-On Solutions Overview

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Get an overview of the Demandbase ABX Platform and each of the available add-on solutions:

Demandbase ABX Platform

We help you connect everything Sales and Marketing teams need to win in today’s evolving B2B landscape with one comprehensive account-based solution.

With the ABX Platform, you can:

  • Build an account-based foundation for your revenue teams.
  • Find accounts that are in-market for your solution today.
  • Engage with your target accounts using behavioral data.
  • Close more business faster. 

The ABX Platform gives revenue teams the ability to align around one set of data, one sales and marketing motion, one complete funnel, and one comprehensive view of the customer - from accounts to people. Through a combination of proprietary technology and third-party data along with first-party data from customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation system (MAS) integrations, Demandbase One is the only platfrom that enables revenue teams to go from insight to action, across multiple channels, with ease.

The ABX Platform leverages leading AI-driven data and applications along with strong integrations with CRM and MAS to create one comprehensive platform that provides proprietary, first and third-party data (including Demandbase Intent), account scoring and prioritization, account-based measurement, orchestration, and delivery of account-based insights personalized for individual sales reps.

The ABX Platform is:

  • Customizable to match your business and adaptable for your business needs
  • Data-rich, using semantic focused intent data grounded in AI
  • Focused on full-funnel marketing (existing opportunity and post-sale expansion, multi-product)
  • Full of the richest sales insights - custom lists for territories, customizable snapshots, unlimited users
  • Comprehensive in measurement capabilities (multi-channel engagement, journeys, website)
  • Powerful with Selectors that enable cross object filtering and more customizable segmentation

Demandbase Advertising

Demandbase Advertising is the most effective B2B advertising channel available. Anyone may easily execute an effective advertising campaign that serves ads to the buying committee within target accounts to increase web engagement and account penetration to drive more pipeline and revenue.

It starts by creating either a static or dynamic account list using the powerful Demandbase Selector tool, which can filter accounts from data across different sources. Next, keyword segments are created from Demandbase Intent data for each specific product and/or persona that comprise the buying committee within the target accounts.

As a self-serve Advertising customer, you can then build and optimize ad campaigns on your own using the Campaign Builder. Or if your company has engaged Advertising Campaign Strategist (ACS) support, you can work with your ACS to build and launch your campaigns.

Impressions are then served to the buying committee on premium publishers only based on their real-time intent behaviors across the web. Demandbase will also use smart-bidding technology where AI processes the historical intent activities and dynamically bids for the impression to optimize the total campaign budget automatically.

Demandbase Personalization

Increase engagement from your target accounts by building a website experience personalized to each account. Demandbase Personalization is a native website personalization solution built by Demandbase. It includes the ability to select a list of accounts to target with specific customized web pages. Through our Selector feature, you can segment your account and people lists for different criteria, like intent, and provide a unique website experience for that customer list. You can customize images, call to action (CTA) buttons, content, and links and publish them in real time. Demandbase Personalization makes it easy to see modifications you have made. You can add Google tracking and preview and publish the pages right away.

Demandbase Personalization also includes forms integration, which allows you to collect desired data on a user behind the scenes when they are filling out a web form. Our forms integration is a data appending service which passes detailed location and firmographics information to your internal systems such as Marketo and Salesforce. By combining our AI, intent, and the ability to easily create unique experiences for different segments of customers, you can create and easily optimize very targeted marketing campaigns and landing pages.

Demandbase Orchestration

Demandbase Orchestration brings the scale and sophistication of traditional lead-based marketing automation to the account-based marketing world. With it, you can drive more meaningful interactions using multi-channel, cross department plays and complex audience segmentation at scale.

Demandbase is the only solution that lets you run people and account-based plays from one system. You can target a precise audience through our segmentation engine then automatically apply the most effective sales and marketing tactics to advance the account in its journey.

Demandbase’s deep integration engine brings all available account and people data into a single audience management UI. By first defining the “who” using the Demandbase Selector, you can create dynamic account or people lists using cross-object filters from Demandbase intent and unknown website activity, along with data from CRM, MAS, .CSV, and emails. Additional filters available include key activities from the account or people level. Next is defining the “what”, which is a set of actions that can be automated to every account or person that qualifies.

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