Demandbase Salesforce Integration Overview

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The Demandbase Salesforce integration allows you to connect Demandbase One with your instance of Salesforce. The integration creates a bidirectional sync between Demandbase and Salesforce.

  • Data sync from Salesforce: Data from Salesforce syncs to Demandbase via the REST API. Demandbase queries Salesforce for all accounts, contacts, leads, tasks, events, etc. with a last modified date after the Datetime of the last completed sync. By default, Demandbase syncs 2,000 records per API call.
    Tip: The cron job for starting the read process from Salesforce can be configured on the Data Sync Settings page. This job allows for all accounts, contacts, leads, tasks, events, etc. to be in the Demandbase database.
  • Data sync to Salesforce: Data from Demandbase syncs to Salesforce using the Salesforce SOAP API via Bulk Data Load jobs. Demandbase passes data to Salesforce from the account, lead, and contact objects ONLY when there's a difference between the calculated state in Demandbase and the previous field value in Salesforce AND the account associated with the record exists in Demandbase. This ensures that Demandbase only pushes meaningful updates that contain changes to these objects each night.
    Tip: For a list of fields Demandbase syncs data to, see Step 4: Add Demandbase Fields to Salesforce.

There is also Demandbase Salesforce Lite (read-only) integration available. See Set Up Salesforce Lite with Optional Pardot Integration.



Review the links below to learn the steps for setting up your Demandbase Salesforce integration and configuring Demandbase in Salesforce. 

Set Up Salesforce Integration

Configure Demandbase in Salesforce

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