Integrate Slack with Demandbase

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The Slack integration for Demandbase One provides custom reports via Slack. Custom reports through Slack operate on a scheduled frequency like email reports and are not real-time like Slack messages.


You must have Admin privileges in Slack or have been granted the privilege to install apps from your Slack Admin.

You must have Admin privileges in Demandbase.


  1. Create the Slack Integration.
    a. From the left navigation bar, go to Settings_N.png Settings > Demandbase-Wide Settings > Integrations.
    Click Create Data Source and select Slack.
    Toggle on the Active button and click Save
  2. Add the Demandbase Service to Slack.
    a. Go to and click the Add to Slack button.
  3. Authorize the installation.
    a. From the new tab that opens on the domain, log in and then click Authorize to complete the install.
    Important: In Slack, you must have admin rights or have been granted the privilege to install apps.
    b. After successful login, you're redirected to the Demandbase Authorization Succeeded screen.
    c. All users mapped to the Auto-create Account List feature will automatically start receiving Slack reports. Going forward, a weekly sync will identify new Demandbase users and add them to the Slack report distribution list.


You can now create or customize Slack Alerts.

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