Recommendations for Configuring Engagement Minutes

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When setting up Engagement Minutes for activities and Engagement Minute weighting, you can refer to the following recommendations. For more information, see Engagement Minute Best Practices.


Page Visits (Anonymous)

  • Generally don't include: Careers, Unsubscribe, Login
  • Generally weight higher: Features, Pricing, Demo Request, Contact Us
  • Generally weight highest: Landing page URLs for high value content

Visit Web Page (Known), Page View, Page Visit

  • Apply the same logic as page visits (anonymous)

Open Sales Email

  • Generally regarded as an outbound metric
  • For that reason, assign minimal engagement (0.1 minutes)

Marketing Email

  • Same as Open Sales Email

Demandbase Email Open

  • Same as Open Sales Email

Inbound Email

  • One minute

  • Generally don't include: Out of office, OOO, test


  • Actual minutes


  • Assign values less than one minute for high and medium intent (for example, 0.2 and 0.1 minutes)
  • If you don't want to include low intent, don't assign a value.



Instead of has responded, select Is:

  • Attended

  • Registered

  • Engaged

  • Other Criteria


  • Contains Ad Title

  • Status is Clicked


  • Use similar criteria as Webinar to denote higher engagement types like scanned, etc.

CRM Activities

Generally regarded as outbound measurement rather than inbound engagement.


  • 0.1 minutes

  • This allows us to track the event happened without inflating engagement


  • Does not contain: Wrong Number, No Connect, VM, voicemail

  • Assign one minute


  • C-level = 200%

  • VP = 150%

  • Director = 100%

  • Manager = 100%

  • Other = 100%

  • Consider your Ideal Customer Profile and weight accordingly

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