What is an Engagement Minute?

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Creating a lead scoring model involves determining how much value to assign to that lead based on several factors. With an account-based strategy, accounts become the priority vs. leads.

Engagement Minutes is Demandbase’s answer to lead scoring. Engagement Minutes track how People and Accounts engage with your content and company via marketing channels, sales communications, web visits, and more. The higher the Engagement Minutes, the higher the interest that account or person has with your company.

Understanding Engagement Minutes

Engagement Minutes are not literal minutes of engagement but rather a scoring system to measure the amount of engagement an account has with your company. The only instance where time is associated is for tracking actual meeting attendance.

Benefits of Account-Level Engagement 

Tracking engagement at the account level allows for more insightful analysis. For example, showing a 122% increase in account engagement to the Head of Sales shows progress in the sales funnel. Additionally, identifying Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQAs) and monitoring engagement trends helps in sales prioritization.

The following example shows accounts in an account list ranked by Engagement Minutes for the past 3 months: 


Using Engagement Minutes

You can use Engagement Minutes to track the level of interaction your target accounts have with your company. This includes responses to marketing programs, website visits, product usage, and conversations with the sales team.

Engagement Minutes can be configured similarly to lead scoring models, but interactions are aggregated at the account level. This provides a more accurate view compared to traditional lead scoring models, which typically focus on individual leads or contacts.

Types of Engagement Minutes

Engagement Minutes are activities aggregated from different data sources and classified into the following categories: 

Sales Marketing
  • Email communication history
  • Inbound emails
  • Meetings
  • CRM events and tasks
  • Calls
  • General sales activities
  • CRM campaigns
  • Marketo programs
  • Form submissions
  • Email opens and clicks
  • Known web activity
  • Demandbase unknown web activity
  • Demandbase intent signals
  • 3rd party intent signals

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