FAQs: Demandbase Customers Upgrading to Demandbase One

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  • Demandbase One is the new name for the complete end-to-end ABX solution that combines the best of Engagio and Demandbase. Demandbase One refers to the suite of solutions that include products:

    Advertising Cloud, Personalization, Orchestration, and Data Stream are add-on products that require additional licensing fees.

  • With Demandbase’s acquisition of Engagio earlier this year, we announced that we would be consolidating the two platforms to deliver the most comprehensive ABM platform in the market and bringing together the best of both Engagio and Demandbase. As a result, we will also eventually discontinue support of the existing Demandbase and Engagio platforms over time since we have a limited amount of resources to support multiple platforms. However, we’re confident that upgrading you to Demandbase One will give you everything you love about Demandbase plus much more, like 1st party integrations (MAP, CRM, email), automations and orchestration to 3rd party channels (LinkedIn, Outreach/Salesloft, etc.), enhanced Sales-facing functionality and alerts, an improved user interface, Lead-to-account matching, and much more.

  • Our upgrade process and validation is highly automated but there may be a couple of items that will require your attention. For example, to take advantage of all the benefits of having both 1st and 3rd party data available in the platform, we recommend you integrate your Salesforce and Marketing Automation platforms with Demandbase. In preparation for the upgrade, we encourage you to review the resources below and reach out to the appropriate stakeholders to ensure as smooth an upgrade process as possible:

    • New Salesforce Integration: To add the SFDC Managed Package app for the first time, follow the steps outlined in this article. Be sure to involve your Salesforce Admin for assistance. The new Demandbase Platform 2-way integration syncs data between Demandbase and Salesforce.
  • Demandbase is introducing new platform features for customers that choose not to set up a 2-way Salesforce and/or a Marketing Automation integration. At launch time, Data import with CSV data is available for Accounts and Opportunities followed with many other features in the roadmap. This “Disconnected” experience is available for customers that are not opting for an integration with these applications. Note that certain features within the platform may be limited without this data.

  • We expect this planned downtime to occur over a weekend to minimize any disruption to your business. 

  • Manual activities you will need to do post upgrade are as follows:


      1. Non-SSO user: Each user in the tenant will be prompted to change his/her password. Users will receive an email with a link to change their Demandbase One password.  If they miss the email and are unable to login, they can click on ‘Forgot my password’ on the login page to reset their password.
      2. SSO via Okta/SSO portal/Salesforce ID: You will need to configure your Okta / SSO portal or Salesforce ID with the new login URL.
  • In Demandbase One, the concept of audiences shifts to lists. You can build account lists, people lists, opportunity lists and activity lists. Building these lists requires a feature in Demandbase One called Selectors. Selectors give you access to all of the CRM, MAS and Demandbase data in the platform. It allows you to create lists based on specific criteria and filters that you set. For example, you can use Selectors to create an account list of your top 50 accounts showing trending intent with no website visits in the last 30 days. Once a list has been created, you can leverage it for multi-channel orchestration across the platform and with Demandbase One add-on solutions like Advertising, Personalization and Orchestration.

  • Demandbase will do its due diligence to ensure the upgrade is successful and will perform the necessary validations. We do recommend that customers perform the following validations on their side to verify their upgrade is successful (recommended, not mandatory):

    1. Account List Dashboard - Does it render properly with reasonable data including Quick Cards data?
    2. Account Lists - Are you seeing your account lists (previously referred to as Audiences) in the Database and Dashboard drop-down menu? Note that Dynamic Lists and Filters are powered by Selectors in the new platform.
    3. Intent - Are you seeing intent keywords in the dashboard? Note that your Demandbase Profiles have been migrated to Demandbase One as keyword sets.
    4. Site Analytics - Is it rendering properly and are you seeing web page activity?
    5. Advertising - Are you seeing all of your campaigns, both live ones and historical?
      1. Do you see all of your campaign metrics in the Analytics dashboard and Advertising Campaign dashboard? 
      2. Do you see all of your campaign change history? 
      3. If you are a Self-Serve customer, are you able to create a campaign? Are all POs displaying properly?
    6. If you performed a Salesforce integration, are the embedded charts with Salesforce rendering with data?
  • Your Demandbase account team will work with you to clarify the translation of your current licensing into the new Demandbase One solution set, but barring any decisions to buy additional add-on products (e.g. Advertising, Personalization, or Orchestration), there is no cost associated with the upgrade.

  • The new URL is: https://web.demandbase.com. Please bookmark this URL for future reference.

  • You will be able to find support articles for all features in our Help Center. A good place to start will be this overview of the Demandbase One solution. Additionally, we will create customer training paths for you and hold additional customer office hours to help you get up to speed on the latest features.

  • First of all, rest assured that you’ll still have 100% access to all the Demandbase functionality that you use today. Additionally, here’s a list of the new features and additional add-on products:

    • Dashboard - Easily view key metrics on your accounts in the Analytics Dashboard, including new Quick Cards, KPIs, Deal Story and Highlights. 
    • Selectors - Create account, opportunity, people and activity lists using cross object filtering and any data available in the platform. Use it to create precise segments and audiences for use in your various ABM efforts.
    • Intent - Build “Keyword Sets” to use across the platform to power segmentation and unique use-cases. Keyword sets give you access to real-time intent data across the internet with words & phrases that you define. You will also have access to Bombora intent.
    • Pipeline Predict Score - See every account with a high propensity to become an opportunity within the next 30 days. Minimize lost opportunities and maximize marketing & sales attention to the right accounts.
    • Qualification Score - Going beyond firmographics, quantify what truly defines an ideal customer. This score helps you understand the likelihood of an account ever becoming a customer.
    • Orchestration (additional license required) - Run full cross-channel marketing and sales automations from our Orchestration product. You can also push audiences to LinkedIn advertising with this product.
  • There is no limit to the amount of intent data available with Demandbase Intent. 

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