Step 1: Add the Demandbase (ABX Cloud) Salesforce Package

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Installing the Demandbase (ABX Cloud) Package from the Salesforce AppExchange is the first step in connecting Demandbase and Salesforce. It creates a number of Demandbase custom fields and charts that you add to standard Page Layouts within Salesforce.

A Demandbase Salesforce Lite integration is also available for customers interested in a read-only integration option. See Set Up Salesforce Lite with Demandbase One and Optional Pardot Integration.

What does the Demandbase (ABX Cloud) Package do?

The Demandbase (ABX Cloud) Package adds custom fields to the Account, Contact, and Lead object so you don't have to create them manually. It contains minimal APEX code. 

It also comes with one Lightning component and one Visualforce component that you can add to page layouts for more visual engagement insights. This tabbed chart component offers multiple chart views.

What does this package not do?

  • This package does NOT modify any existing Salesforce data.

  • This package does NOT add any user profiles or permission sets.


We only support Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance. We do not support Group, Professional, or Developer Editions of Salesforce.

You must have System Admin privileges within your Salesforce Environment to install and configure this application.


1. Download the Demandbase (ABX Cloud) Package directly from the SalesForce AppExchange

2. Select Install for All Users.

Important: If necessary, installing the app for Admins only will require the addition of component and class permissions for non-admins to view charts.

3. Click Install.


The installation will complete and an Installing and granting access to all Users... message appears.

Next Steps

Read Best Practices: Salesforce Permissions.

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