September 2020: Early Adopter Program (EAP) Migration FAQs

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In June 2020,  Demandbase and Engagio joined forces to provide the best-in class ABM Platform for their customers. As a part of this exciting merger, a group of customers joined the Early Adopter Program so they could be migrated to the new, integrated Demandbase Platform. This document answers common questions about the migration process. Click the links below to learn more. 

What is the September Early Adoption Program (EAP) all about?

Demandbase’s Early Adopter Program (EAP) is a program where product management gives a select group of customers access to a new feature or product before it becomes generally available to all customers. EAPs usually occur prior to a full go-to-market launch and last for about 2-3 months depending on the product or feature. 

The September EAP will introduce the new Demandbase Platform to customers who are currently using the Engagio Platform. Demandbase and Engagio joined forces in June 2020 to provide the best-in class ABM Platform. Towards that vision, we created a new platform that gives revenue teams the ability to align around one set of data, one sales and marketing motion, one complete funnel, and one comprehensive view of the customer - from accounts to people. 

What is the new URL for the new Demandbase Platform?

The new URL for the new Demandbase Platform is: 

What is the value of participating in the September EAP?

By participating in the September EAP, you’ll be able to get early access to the new Demandbase Platform before it becomes broadly available in Q4 2020. You’ll also be providing valuable feedback to the product team, which may influence future features of the product. By participating, you’ll also be getting early access to new features as they roll out, the first of which is Demandbase Intent in addition to an updated user interface. 

Do I have to do any preparation activities prior to migration?

Our migration process and validation is highly automated but there may be a couple of items that require your manual intervention if you leverage the following features:

  • Scout - Involve the Salesforce admin in your organization, if you use Scout, to ensure the SFDC managed package upgrade goes smoothly.
  • Email/calendar sync - Involve the IT department in your organization, if you are using email/calendar sync functionality to set up a service account and authorize the email/calendar sync of account activities.

We highly recommend you plan to include the right personnel in your organization for the above items prior to the migration.

How long Is the downtime during migration?

We anticipate 1 to 2 hours of planned downtime during the migration.

As a customer, are there any manual activities that I need to perform post migration to bring the Platform back fully into operational mode? 

Manual activities you will need to do post migration are as follows:

  1. Authentication:
    • Non-SSO user: Each user in the tenant will be prompted to change his/her password.
    • SSO via Okta/SSO portal: You will need to configure Okta / SSO portal with the new login URL.
  2. Authorize sync of account email/calendar activities (applicable only if you are using this feature): Refer to Email Service Accounts for details.
  3. Chrome extension for sales insights: Once migrated, users will need to re-login via their Chrome extension, so they are connected to the new platform. 

As a customer, what validation / checklist tasks do I need to perform post migration? 

Customers need to perform the following validations on their side to verify migration is successful:

  1. Account list dashboard - does it render properly with reasonable data including Quick Cards data?
  2. Integrations to Salesforce and marketing automation - are they running as scheduled and keeping data up-to-date?
  3. Salesforce package - are the embedded charts within Salesforce rendering properly on the Account pages?
  4. Scout Chrome extension - are Scout users able to log in to the Demandbase Platform and use Scout?

How can I leverage Demandbase Intent capability that is being offered as part of the September EAP? 

Your Customer Success Manager will work with you to import your Intent keyword set into the Demandbase Platform. Once that is done, you’ll be able to use selectors to query accounts showing Intent and create corresponding custom reports from within the Demandbase Platform. Note that by enabling Demandbase Intent, you will not lose Bombora Intent. You can use both Bombora Intent and Demandbase Intent for your needs.

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