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For any draft or published campaign, you have the option to make the following changes: 

  • Edit the campaign configurations
  • Duplicate the campaign 
  • Delete the campaign
  • Pause the campaign 
  • Access the campaign settings
  • View the change history of the campaign

These options are explained in more detail below.

To access these options, hover over the campaign name and click the blue cogwheel icon. 


  • Edit: Use this option to make following adjustments to the draft or live campaign: 
    • Campaign name: Rename the campaign. 
    • Budget: Increase or decrease the budget.
      • You cannot change from a one-time campaign to a monthly campaign or vice versa. 
      • Remember to make sure to not reduce the budget below what has been delivered. You will receive an error message if you do this. 
    • Flight date: You can reduce or extend the end date, but you cannot change the start date if inflight. 
    • Location: Change the Geotargeting Type.
    • Accounts: Change accounts in the campaign. To do this:
      • Hover over Step 4 in campaign creation and a tooltip will display. 
      • Click to edit the audience. 
      • A new tab will open where you can view the Audiences page and make changes.
    • Creative: Add or remove creatives.
  • Duplicate: This option creates a draft copy with the campaign configurations carried over. 
  • Delete: This option allows you to delete any drafts or campaigns that have not yet spent any money. 
  • Pause Campaign: This option allows you to pause the campaign. 
  • Settings: Use this option to modify the audience or the profile for this campaign,  add/delete watchers who receive weekly campaign email insights, and add any notes about the campaign. 
  • Change History: This option allows you to keep track of any campaign configuration changes made by your organization as well as Demandbase. Change History keeps track of the following campaign edits: 
    • Campaign creation (draft to publish) with campaign scope. 
    • Changes: 
      • Campaign name 
      • Budget
      • End date 
      • Geotargeting 
      • Creative and landing pages 

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