July 2020 Product Update

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This article provides you with a summary of the latest product enhancement for July 2020.


Self-Serve Targeting allows you to easily set up and configure campaigns in a few simple steps. Launching campaigns can be done on demand to support various goals and initiatives.


The table below outlines the benefits and features of Self-Serve Targeting. 

Control and manage your advertising campaigns
  • Create and launch advertising campaigns yourself from the Targeting Solution
  • Select the target audience, creative, and budget you want to use for your campaign

Manage campaign performance in real-time

  • Launch campaigns faster
  • The following adjustments can be made to campaigns post campaign launch: 
    • Rename the campaign 
    • Increase or decrease your budget 
    • Reduce or extend the end date of the campaign 
    • Geo-target accounts 
    • Edit your target audience
    • Add or remove creatives
Revise your advertising campaigns on your terms
  • Manage advertising campaigns based on your budget and resources
  • Customize your campaigns according to your needs and update them on the spot
  • Use as many creative ads as you want

View the video to see an overview of how to run your own advertising campaign using the Self-Serve Targeting feature in Demandbase. Easily launch a new campaign, edit an existing one, upload new creative or adjust your budget yourself all in Demandbase. Self-Serve Targeting gives you more control over your advertising execution and spend.

Getting Started

To learn more about working with Self-Serve Targeting, visit the links below:

Self-Serve Targeting helps you launch ad campaigns more quickly. Additionally, it gives you more control over your campaign configuration to make adjustments as needed.   

Now, you can take advantage of Targeting’s self-serve campaign creation which enables you to easily setup, launch, and manage campaigns. The campaign creation workflow allows for quick setup and ensures campaigns are properly scoped for success. You can now make real-time campaign optimizations as needed to drive increased performance via adjusting creative, landing pages, and other targeting parameters. 

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