Purchase Orders and Order Numbers Overview

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Demandbase’s self-serve customers can associate their campaigns with Purchase Orders (POs) or Order numbers to understand their available budget and what has been allocated. This ensures customers do not overspend or leave budget remaining. 


When setting up a campaign within the Demandbase ABM Platform, when you reach Step 2: Budget & Schedule, there will be a drop-down menu available for Purchase Order/Order Number

The menu displays any purchase orders or order numbers you have with Demandbase. Included with this information is the amount of the PO/order and unallocated amount. 



Click the links below to learn more about working with purchase orders and order numbers in Self-Serve Targeting.

How is Demandbase helping with order management? 

With any PO/Order created and submitted to Demandbase, we are helping to track and associate to campaigns: 

Campaign Creation: When setting up a campaign, in Step 2: Budget and Schedule, campaign creators can select an active PO/Order to associate to the campaign. This will include the amount of the PO/Order and unallocated amount (unused budget remaining).

Is it mandatory to select a PO Order number in Step 2: Budget and Schedule?

Yes. It is required to select your PO/Order number in Step 2 before progressing to the next step. 

What is an order number and how do I find it? 

When working with Demandbase, an order is created and is a signed agreement between your company and Demandbase. On the first page of the contract in the upper right corner is the order number. 


What is the difference between an order number and a PO? 

An order number is included on your Demandbase contract. The PO number is your own company’s unique purchase order (PO) for billing purposes. If your company does not require a PO number for billing, you will only see your Demandbase order numbers. For customers that require a PO number, the order number and PO will be displayed. 

How do I associate an order/PO to a campaign? 

Within the campaign creation workflow in Step 2: Budget and Schedule, you can select your PO/Order number. 

When selecting a PO or order number within campaign creation, what information is provided? 

In addition to the PO/Order number, you will see the total budget along with the amount remaining (unallocated budget).

Once I publish a campaign, can I change the PO/Order number associated to the campaign? 

No. Once a campaign is published the PO/order number is locked. This is similar to the Audience being locked after publishing. 

If I have a draft campaign, can I change which PO or order number the campaign is associated with? 

Yes. Draft campaigns can have changes made across all campaign elements, including the association of a PO or order number. 

Can I set up orders or submit POs within the ABM Platform? 

An order management system is not available within the ABM Platform at this time. You will still need to work with your Demandbase account team on paperwork. 

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