Demandbase Acquires Engagio: Customer FAQs

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Why did Demandbase acquire Engagio?

 Demandbase and Engagio have been partners for the past four years. We have always shared a consistent vision for the ABM category, and we have many high growth customers in common. So this announcement is a natural evolution of that strong alignment. By bringing together the clear leaders in ABM, we are better positioned than ever to help you succeed.

What is the vision for the combined companies?

The combination of Demandbase and Engagio accelerates the development of our next generation, account-based B2B marketing platform. One that spans people and accounts. One that manages the complete buyer’s journey. One that is truly omnichannel—from ads to email to sales activity. And one that truly aligns sales and marketing so that you can drive the metrics that matter—pipeline, new business, retention, and upsell.

What are the benefits of the acquisition for Demandbase customers?

Demandbase has historically built products that are account-focused. Engagio adds a CDP (Customer Data Platform) and 1st party data integration element into the current offering. Additionally, Engagio brings strong planning and automated orchestration across multiple marketing technologies and channels, a custom analytics engine, intuitive user-experience, new sales-specific tools, and employees with a wealth of account-based expertise.

As a Demandbase customer, can I access Engagio as a standalone platform? How do I inquire about getting access?

In the short term, both Demandbase and Engagio will continue to operate as stand alone platforms, but there are specific use cases and benefits to having access to both. Your CSMs and AEs will be discussing opportunities around licensing the Engagio platform in the near future.

What functionality can I get through the Engagio platform that I currently don’t have with Demandbase?

Short term, Engagio and Demandbase will be available as separate products. As the vision is defined further and the products merge, a cohesive, single platform will be offered to the world. We anticipate there will be different baseline product versions offered with a continued “a la carte” solution offering for additional actionability to our clients (e.g. Targeting, Orchestration, Engagement, Attribution).

What is the timeline for integrating Demandbase and Engagio into a single platform?

Demandbase is aggressively investing development resources to integrate the two technologies. The tentative date for the merging of the platforms is scheduled for November 2020.

Will my Demandbase platform pricing change? What is the pricing structure for accessing both platforms?

In the short term, Demandbase and Engagio will continue to operate as separate products. So, your current pricing and access to the Demandbase platform will not change. As we get closer to a fully integrated platform in Q4 2020, we will have more detailed information around the baseline product, additional add-on solutions, and pricing. If you are interested in adding the Engagio platform, your CSM and AE can discuss options with you.

Will my CSM or support team change as a result of the acquisition?

As a Demandbase customer, you’ll keep the same Customer Success team and there will be no change in the process related to servicing your account. For joint Engagio and Demandbase customers, there will be some consolidation to streamline the communication in the future.

Should customers expect any product disruptions as the teams and products integrate?

No disruptions are anticipated. Scheduled maintenance will still occur during low-peak hours and will be fully communicated to all customers.

How can I find out more about the acquisition?

We have created a webpage dedicated to the Engagio acquisition, which includes links to the full press release, a blog post, joint webinar, and other acquisition related materials.

Will existing contracts get grandfathered into the additional capabilities in the future?

This acquisition just closed and we are working through a number of contractual details, including our transitional plans for a consolidated platform.

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