Uploading Display Creative

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Uploading display creative is as simple as dragging-and-dropping your files and a few easy clicks. The Creative Uploader supports the following sizes for desktop and mobile: 





Supported File Types

The Creative Uploader can support different file types. Click the links to learn more. 

  1. Uploading Demandbase Hosted Files
  2. Uploading Third-Party Hosted Files

Uploading Demandbase Hosted Files

The Creative Uploader supports these Demandbase hosted file types: jpg, png, gif, HTML5.

You can also upload dynamic personalized creative as well. See Uploading Dynamic Personalized Creative.

  • Click the Display Creative button in Step 5 of the Campaign Creation wizard and a window will pop-up for you to upload your creatives. Simply drag-and-drop your files into the Upload creatives window.
  • Standard creatives include: jpg, png, gif, HTML5.

After you drag and drop your files, you can add your Click URL or Landing Page. There are 3 different ways to add this information: 

1. Single-click the URL/Landing page. 

    • Enter your landing page in the box below your creatives. 
    • Once added, you click Submit

2. Different click URL/Landing page per size. 

    • Click Want to use a different URL for each creative?
      • Enter your landing pages by creative size and then click Submit.

3. Upload with an Excel file. 

    • Click Excel + Creatives
    • A window appears with an area to drag-and-drop your Excel file with the following required fields: 
      • Creative name including file extension (example: .jpg or .png).
      • Click URL/Landing Page.
    • To learn more about how uploading with an Excel file works, see Uploading Creatives With an Excel File


Uploading Dynamically Personalized Creative

Personalized creatives are still built by Demandbase’s managed service. Once the creatives have been reviewed and approved, they can be uploaded using the templates located at the bottom of this article.

You need to add your click URL/landing page(s) into the Excel file along with the URLs to the creative. 

Uploading Third-Party Hosted Files

  • The Creative Uploader supports these third-party file types: Excel - GCM/DCM, Flashtalking, and Sizmek.
  • Drag-and-drop your 3rd party tags into the uploader and click Submit. Your creatives will be uploaded quickly. 
  • Landing pages will appear within 1 hour in Step 5: Creatives



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