Use the Analytics Playbook to Execute an ABM Analytics Strategy and Report the ROI of Your Marketing Program

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The B2B buyer’s journey is long and complicated. It takes place over months and years, rather than days and weeks, and involves buying committees, rather than individuals. Because of this complexity, it can be a challenge for marketers to track, optimize and ultimately prove the value of the hard work they do. Following an account-based analytics approach allows marketers to understand their data, optimize their approach, and tie their efforts to concrete business results. 

In the Analytics Playbook (see attached PDF), you’ll learn how to use ABM Analytics to target the right accounts, understand your audience engagement, and tie your marketing efforts to business outcomes. You’ll learn how execute a successful ABM analytics strategy. You’ll understand the difference between ABM metrics, analytics, insights, and action, and how to use them to inform and optimize your programs and campaigns. You’ll also understand how to employ tools like Demandbase and Google Analytics to ask intelligent questions of your data and get the answers you need. Finally, you’ll know how to assess the health of your ABM strategy and keep it in good shape. 

But most importantly, you’ll understand how to report the ROI of your program. That’s crucial. Being able to prove ROI means being able to prove the value of the work that you do—and when you can prove that, you reap a whole host of benefits, which can include increased budget, better collaboration, and crucially, the trust and respect of your leaders and colleagues.

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