May 2020 Product Update

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This article provides you with a summary of the latest product enhancement for May 2020.

Enhanced Conversion Insights Email

What it is:

Demandbase is pleased to announce the enhanced Conversion Insights Email that helps sales professionals take action on the right accounts at the right time via a redesigned, easy to consume, insights email. 

Email insights allow sales teams to prioritize their daily sales activities based on the level of intent and web engagement they receive from an account in each insight. Email insights are sent as a weekly digest of target account activity for each rep. Sales reps can click the links in the email to view specific account activity. Based on the type of insight and account activity, sales reps can develop a strategy for contacting the account with personalized messaging. These emails offer visibility into key intent and web engagement signals that occured in the last 7 days. Each email includes a new summary view of the most engaged accounts listed at the top of the email. The emails are personalized to include only the accounts in the rep’s territory. Below is an example of a Conversion Insights Email digest: 


Learn More

  • See the before and after images of the Conversion Insights Email by downloading the Conversion Alert Email Redesign PDF attached to this article.
  • See Conversion Solution Overview to learn more about Conversion Insights.

What problem does it solve?

Sales Professionals want to monitor the intent and web engagement associated with each of their accounts, so that they can take action on the accounts displaying the strongest signal. Existing Demandbase tools offer insights into the characteristics of individual accounts but the layout of the information is difficult to consume and navigate. This forced sales professionals to spend too much time looking for insights to take action on. With the new Conversion Insights Email redesign, sales professionals can easily navigate and find insights for each of their accounts allowing them to take the next best action faster.

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